Collaborate online on your project coalition!

We already shared our easy-to-use online tools. Now you can also collaborate on your project online with our project building blocks!

GoCreateWith.Us is a complete tool kit for anyone wanting to advance their projects. In only 3 easy steps anyone can interactively map stakeholders with others, build their projectcoalition and start their collaboration. 

We designed three Project Canvasses as action based hands on tools for you to build projects with others. We know what is needed to advance your projects. On the GoCreateWith.Us website you can download these canvasses for free. Each canvas is explained with a clear video.

Create your own online workspace on Podio and download the Go Create With Us Project Coalition Suite from the Podio App Market. Now you can work online together with your collaborators. The canvasses on our website and the building blocks in Podio complement each other perfectly, and are your gateway to even greater stakeholder engagement and help you to create successful projects.


You need to register as a Podio user to take full advantage of the combined services

Happy Collaborating!

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