Set up your own co-creation event

City Works offers you a platform to cocreate your project together with your community. Invite your stakeholders to collaborate, set up you own co-creation sessions. 

Simply start your own co-creation process with help of our online project platform – and the especially developed documents. Our Co-Creation Project Platform, is the showcase for your project(request). Every collaboration starts with a first conversation. Invite your stakeholders today and boost your project.

Here’s how it works:

Co-Creation Project Platform

After you’ve registered on our platform you are ready to put your project on display and invite your stakeholders. Organize your own co-creation session. 

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Invite, Start a Conversation, Co Create

Invite your community to help you with your project and reach innovative solutions in co-creation. It enables you to collect fresh ideas and discover new solutions in collaboration.schermafbeelding-2016-11-05-om-21-43-56

Packed with tools

The Co-Creation Project Platform is designed for your project requests and will guide your co-creation process. Our Toolkit is packed with documents (and filled with our experience) for you to use.schermafbeelding-2016-11-05-om-18-49-23

Let’s get started

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