Co-Creation Challenges

City Works offers you an online portal to work on design challenges for your project or organization with your community. Crowdsource design ideas, validate your concepts in an early stage. Be the innovative player you are.

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Our Co-Creation Challenge Portal is your portal to the challenge (design contest) of your organization.

Co-Creation Challenge Portal

Our online custom portal, allows you to set up the design contest to your needs.schermafbeelding-2016-06-20-om-20-33-44

Crowdsource your design ideas

Invite your community to help you with the urban challenges you face and co-create solutions with them. It enables you to get fresh perspectives on your designs, get new technologies onboard, create cross-overs your team did not think of, and you will find solutions that would have remained undiscovered. schermafbeelding-2016-06-20-om-20-33-44-kopie

Your own brand

Brand the contest entirely to your wishes, use your own logo and branding features. In style and accessible from your corporate web presence.

Challenge Runtime

How long will your contest run? We do not mind, really. Set your own planning, from weeks to months. Multiple Challenges or just a one-time event? We can help you with all your requests.

Let’s get started

We love to help you get started. Give us a call or have us call you back to chat about the possibilities to set up your co-creation challenge. 

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