Co-Creation in Urban Development

We at City Works believe that open source collaborative urban regeneration is today’s strategic urban development model. When our team delivers custom made solutions for any location, we are taking a different approach. We are not developing the urban development concept ourselves, we are making connections and managing the process of co-creating it together with stakeholders and end-users.

Our team of Ace Players works closely together with the owner and other local stakeholders. We are there for property owners looking for new opportunities that go beyond traditional project development. And we are there for entrepreneurs looking for spaces to create their own identity together with other creatives.

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Quick Scan

We always start with a Quick Scan which defines the co-creation process and the steps to take and finally forms our contract with the property owner. We investigate the possibilities of the specific property and its surroundings. We define goals, wishes and steps to take. 


In co-creation we develop a fitting concept and build a custom made initiative. During this step we are also using the website – with the especially developed documents – as an online platform. Interactive co-creation events are part of the development process.


We contract tenants and entrepreneurs willing to cooperate in this initiative.


We build the organization and stay on board during the first startup phase.

Creative Programme

We supply the creative programming of the initiative. 


We build and reconstruct the property.


We maintain the property

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