Healthy & Honest Farm Food

Green Land: An initiative in cooperation with Raising Bee for an abandoned farm only 15 minutes from Amsterdam. Arts, culture, recreation, healthy food and local grown produce are the initiative’s distinct features.

Groen LandThis temporary initiative is honoring it’s former destination by using the old farm buildings as much as possible. The fomer barn will be the new home for a weekly biological food market with honest and local products.

The old shed and stables will be transformed into a restaurant with a magnificant view out on the natural reserve.

The proposition has a 5 year businessmodel and yields financial and social return on investment.

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Project Details

  • Plaats: Landsmeer
  • Initiatiefnemer: Landschap Noord-Holland, Province of North-Holland
  • Datum: 15/05/2013
  • Projectfase: null