Go Create With Us

A one-day masterclass program in which you will be introduced to the advantages of Inclusive Stakeholder Management and Co-Creation in Urban Development. Build your project together with us!

We will teach you how to create support for the revitalization plans you are working on. We will be giving you the tools to turn enterprises into your business partner. Showing you how to involve local stakeholders. In short: We will teach you how to leverage your revitalization project by making it more inclusive. New masterclasses also starting this February at the Amsterdam Berlage Exchange.

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Collaborative Development

Urban development projects are increasingly becoming a collaborative undertaking. The aimed for future result of this coalition needs to satisfy all partners involved. That is what makes urban developments complex. Circumstances change because of unexpected events or when the stakeholders involved change their views. This complexity and stakeholder involvement demands today’s city makers to be creative, to connect, to negotiate and to have a strategic focus.

The current challenge in urban development is revitalizing what’s been built (adaptive re-use). Increasingly new uses are sought for old buildings. This new challenge demands players to think past short term delivery on investment to how maintenance and operations should look like. How to organize and guarantee continuity. In this process it is necessary to include the end-user


This Masterclass focusses on recognizing and using the value of stakeholders and end-users. You will be energized by our inspirational examples and we will be working on your project. By the end of the day you will know how to:

– Map, connect and include stakeholders.

– Organise collaborations. Even when you do not have a clear future result negotiated with the partners involved.

– Use co-creation in your urban revitalization and to work towards a sound businesscase, in which the end-user holds the key.


In this Masterclass you will share experiences with others and help each other when working on the assignments. Theory and practice mix in harmony during the day.

We are sharing our tools to advance your projects. Using our GoCreateWith.Us Project Coalition Suite helps you interactively map your stakeholders, build your project coalition and kick off your collaboration.

Give your project an immediate boost? At the end of the day we will post your project and project request on our website.

Intended for?

This Masterclass is developed for everyone active in urban development or urban planning.

It’s for people undertaking initiatives on any scale. For municipalities, developers and companies already players in the field, but also for the new players, such as neighborhood initiatives, creative and social entrepreneurs and students.

The program is for people with a passion for city making and passionate about changing their local environment and for people wanting to materialize their shared vision and values.

Taught by?

The Masterclasses are taught by mr Caroline Vrauwdeunt MBA.
She has many years of experience as a process- program and projectmanager in complex urban regeneration projects.

As Founder of City Works she is innovating urban development through co-creation and putting inclusive urban development on the global map. In September she was a speaker on The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in New York.

She is a connecting entrepreneur and firm believer of “learning by doing”.

In 2012 she finished her research on complexity in large projects, graduating her MBA studies.

Masterclass Educational Dayprogram

Morning – Theory & inspiration

Trends in urban development

The current most important trends in urban development. What does the future look like?

Theoretical Base

We will teach project- & procesmanagementbasics, complexity in projects, stakeholdervalue, strategic visioning, collaboration & co-creation.

 – Involving stakeholders and end-users, how?

Presentation and discussion on how to increase the value of your project through stakeholder involvement. Inspirational practices will be used as leading examples.

Long term vision

Why is a long term vision important? Who creates this vision and when do you create it? How to keep your project flexible?

Afternoon – Learning by Doing

Quick Scan

You will be leading your project. Disecting your project with others. We will guide you through the process.

Present your route and steps to take

Together with others you will define your route to a feasible businesscase developed through inclusive stakeholdermanagement. You will be presenting your steps to take.

Boost your project

At the end of the day we can post your project(request) on our website.


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