Cross-Over Port Amsterdam

Businessplan and development vision for Amsterdam Shipyard building

Building a new future in co-creation within 4 months

After our request for expression of interest and both co-creation events we have translated the initiatives and the generated new idea’s of the different entrepreneurial pioneers (possible future tenants) to a Schermafdruk 2014-09-23 15_Fotor_Fotor_Collage_smallconcept that strengthens entrepreneurs in their own businessmodel and creating a “plus” for the overall business proposition.

Besides possible development options we have proposed a development vision, describing the incremental development steps till full deployment.

Within 4 months we were able to deliver the owner a platform, local support, a concept developed through co-creation, possible future users and a sound businessplan giving this industrial heritage owners all opportunities to a supported new future after their many years’ search for a fitting solution.

Cross-Over Port Amsterdam

Visitors are invited to See & Hear, to Make, to Taste and to Do and experience what cross-overs mean to innovation in a very accessible way in area’s we are all familiar with and can participate in and enjoy (the innovative results of) these new cross-overs themselves.

At Cross-Over Port Amsterdam entrepreneurs are actively searching for new (unsought off) cross-overs in their collaborations. But also by adding “cross-over” as a distinct feature of the experience product entrepreneurs are offering, they are pushing innovation. Constantly pushing the limits of what is considered the latest and newest of techniques/products/experiences. In a shipyard where the same entrepreneurial spirit pushed the limits to build ever larger ships, this new future would honor it’s past.


A big “Thank You” to all possible future users participating, the Municipality of Amsterdam, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, Nationaal Platform Herbestemmen, Stichting NDSM Werf-Oost, Vous-Etes Ici, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam Economic Board, Advisory Board and Expert team members.


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Project Details

  • Plaats: Amsterdam, NDSM-Werf
  • Initiatiefnemer: Mediawharf Monumenten bv & De Stedenfabriek
  • Datum: 16/06/2014
  • Projectfase: Design Stage