Placemaking is no hype!

Placemaking is around since the beginning of the 1960’s. Especially in the United States and Canada it has been acknowledged as part of city planning proces.

In recent years placemaking is getting more attention in the Netherlands. Probably also because we lost sight whom we built and made cities for in last decades.

The practice of Placemaking concerns the deliberate shaping of an environment to facilitate social interaction and improve a community’s quality of life.

Placemaking aims to improve quality of public place and life of people in it’s direct surrounding. Often emphasis is put on the physical aspects of successful public spaces, forgetting the importance of the proces of placemaking.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology researched the successes of placemaking in her report “Places in the Making”: How placemaking builds places and communities.

The most successful initiatives transcend the “place” to forefront the “making”.

2013-09-14 12.20.21-1According to the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning this is what defines the succes of future placemaking initiatives. Placemaking today uses the value of local community. The report’s conclusion: the value of placemaking is using the social capital and enlarging civic commitment and social resilience.

Public Space and urban renewal are no longer solely dominated by government or housing corporations. City Works also aims to actively participate in these area’s. The report’s conclusions are in sync with what we stand and aim for and with our vision on co-creation. The report is a must read for all placemakers, regardless of background or profession.