Your free to-use-and-share city making tools now online

Collaborating has never been easier with these free-to-use-and share online city making tools. Tools we are using in our projects ourselves. They are simple to use but packed with our many years of project experience.

GoCreateWith.Us is a complete tool kit for anyone wanting to advance their projects. In only 3 easy steps anyone can interactively map stakeholders with others, build their projectcoalition and start their collaboration. 

We designed three Project Canvasses as action based hands on tools for you to build projects with others. We know what is needed to advance your projects. On the GoCreateWith.Us website you can download these canvasses for free. Each canvas is explained with a clear video.

Our masterclasses are there for anyone who would like a little extra help in their collaborations. And we are working on a digital flip book (“not another projectmanagementbook”) that will guide you through your collaborations and give you background and practical information on how to organize any project you like.

Happy Collaborating!

De Stedenfabriek | City Works Amsterdam: cocreating places with impact and (re)creating our cities together by giving you the tools and the knowledge to shape your own city.