City Works Innovative Leader at World Summit

The 28th till 30th of September The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship will take place in New York. At this summit supported by the United Nations Caroline Vrauwdeunt, founder of City Works, will be speaking on the future of co-creation and urban development.

Together with other innovators she will be answering the question: What will rejuvenation cities look like in a few years and how will they work?  “A great honor and privilege to be on the cast with all these innovators, which we in the Netherlands can learn so much from”, Caroline says.

More information on The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship you can find on: City Works aims to breathe new life into neglected urban spaces with open source, collaborative urbanism. City Works developed a model of co-creation between stakeholders and end-users to produce collaborative urban regeneration. Stay up-to-date of City Works and the shared experiences of Caroline in New York through our social media channels.