Crossing Borders – Global blog on New Urban Development!

With great enthusiasm we are starting a global blog as a cross-border sharing experience on the new Urban Development Game.

As we aim to bring new life to empty vacant spaces through co-creation, we are part of the movement that supports collaborative ways of city making. Urban development is changing fast and collaborative city making is changing the game.

Crossing Borders

With this blog we believe we all could benefit from new global viewpoints and refreshing idea’s, be challenged by them, and be triggered to do things differently.

Our vision to share & connect

In our projects we cooperate with, meet, share and support new and arrived players. We sometimes discuss a topic, but that’s never shared further.

If we were to share these discussions, we believe we all could benefit from them and even be challenged by them, and be triggered to do things differently.

So our aim now with this “cross-border sharing” blog is to hear and share what other players views and findings are on city making. How do they experience the changes that are taking place. What are their visions on (the future results of) what we describe as the new urban development game. This introductionary blogpost will be the start of a sharing experience that crosses national borders, and connects sectors. Idea’s and views from new innovative game changers to experienced players in the field from Toronto, New York, to London & Amsterdam will be broadening our horizon.

Pay it forward – How it works
In last few months we have had an incredible amount of support from all over the world for what we do and stand for and for what we aim to achieve. This has strengthened us in our conviction being on the right track, and also lead to many new connections and meet-ups with people all wanting to be or are already part of a global change in urban development.

We will kick-off with our first “cross-border sharing” blogpost “No Rules No Refs in Urban Development” and pass on the challenge to new authors to share idea’s and enthusiasm, to start a dialogue. These authors will enter into this dialogue and then again pay the challenge forward to a contributor they think adds to the sharing experience. Broadening the dialogue across cities, countries, different fields of industry, and broadening and refreshing our minds. Improving the way we make cities. Changing the Game.